School and Educational Providers

Our school and educational providers

Young Greenwich delivers a wide range of projects that are either group sessions delivered within school or individual support packages; we also deliver training for school staff on different topics. There are a variety of ways that schools can access these services which are detailed below  


Young Greenwich staff would love to deliver an assembly to young people outlining all the exciting services we offer and how they can register and get started. If you would like to book an assembly please contact

LGBTQ+ offer for school staff

The School's training offer from METRO Charity and Young Greenwich offers a programme of inclusive education training for primary and secondary school staff. The school receives Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) awareness training for all staff. This is followed by a series of tailored training sessions for SLT and delivery staff to meet the school’s needs.

This can include:

  • Policy review

  • Curriculum support

  • Inclusive RSE

  • Student support

  • Whole school inclusivity

This programme of work will support your school in meeting Ofsted requirements, and the new RSE guidelines set out by the department for education.

Our services are free for all schools in the Royal Borough of Greenwich

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School Nursing offer

The school nursing service is delivered by Oxleas NHS Trust. Dedicated community nurses and health advisors with the necessary skills and experience support children and young people aged 5-19 at schools (primary and secondary) and youth hubs across the borough.

The team is on hand every week day (except bank holidays) 9am-4pm to give confidential information, advice, and support on a wide range of health and wellbeing issues including sexual, emotional, and physical health.

Our nurses and health advisors are experienced, approachable, know the schools and area well, and support everyone in strict confidence.

Specific topics include:

  • Emotional health & wellbeing

  • Behaviour management

  • Sexual health & contraception

  • Healthy lifestyles & weight, including healthy eating, weight management referrals, and fussy eating

  • Building Healthy Relationships including issues with grooming, child sexual exploitation (CSE), keeping safe online and bullying

  • Puberty, self-identity & personal hygiene, including periods, body changes and shape 

  • Sleeping difficulties

  • Day & night wetting, rushing to toilet and constipation

  • Smoking, alcohol, and substance Misuse

The team will also give advice on

  • School readiness

  • Transition into reception, secondary school & higher education

  • Medical needs & care planning including allergies, asthma, and epilepsy etc.

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Young Greenwich delivers a range of risk, resilience and diversionary work for young people including:

County Lines workshop

CACT’s crime reduction team have produced an interactive video workshop that is designed to educate young people (year 6 – Year 9) on the risks of getting involved in county lines. It contains messages from a range of people that share their experience of being involved in County lines including young people, CACT mentors, parents and the police alongside facilitated group discussions.

CACT mentors are available to deliver a set amount of workshops every year upon request but to reach more young people and create a sustainable model we will train nominated school staff to deliver on our behalf.

This offer is free to schools, all we require is limited data so we can capture numbers of young people attending for our commissioners.

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CACT mentoring and diversionary work

CACT delivers a range of diversionary work for young people aged 8-19 (up to 25 SEND) who are involved in risky behaviours or at risk of exploitation and/or being drawn into criminal activity.

1-1  mentoring

CACT employs a pool of mentors with a range of lived experience, knowledge and backgrounds, this allows us to match mentors with the needs and interests of the young people we support. We offer between 3-6 months of 1-1 sessions depending on the needs of the young person but it is targeted at those young people most at risk.

Enrichment and diversionary sessions

We deliver blocks of 10 week activities that are designed to be exciting and challenging. Groups of 10 young people attend weekly, learning new skills, building self-confidence and making new friends. Examples of activities include water sports, rock climbing, theatre trips and team challenges. To maximise female participation we run female only activity blocks delivered by female mentors

CACT also delivers regular diversionary sports sessions In Greenwich at a number of locations 

If you are interested in referring a young person, please complete the referral form here or contact us to discuss.

Metro 1-1 and group work

Risk and Resilience delivered by METRO Charity aims to work with young people (aged 13-18) around relationships, identity, and gender norms. We work with those involved in harmful sexual behaviours, as well as those vulnerable to exploitation. The key topic areas are sexual health, sexuality, emotional literacy, communication, consent, boundaries, puberty, gender roles, masculinity and conflict resolution. Sessions are user led and so vary for each individual. 
Our one to one work is delivered either in person or remotely, and can be delivered in a range of locations. Sessions typically run for 45-1hr over 6-8 weeks. 
Our group work is delivered in collaboration with the referring agency and can run for between 4 and 8 weeks. These sessions are conversation-based for groups of up to 10 young people the service takes a holistic view of sex and relationship education and goes beyond delivering practical health information, recognising that sex and relationship behaviours are linked to much broader identity and attitude issues. We therefore design interventions to build self-esteem, critical thinking, and emotional literacy in addition to practical knowledge and skills around healthier sex, relationships and communication. 

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Young Greenwich offers educational support with free tutoring for key stage 2, 3 and 4

These offers are beneficial because:

  • CACT engage an education partner to deliver tutoring support using the Schools Online resources. The delivery is by qualified teachers.

  • The education sessions are followed by a youth work session as a reward for attending

  • The sessions are based at our Youth Hubs

  • The sessions are delivered by a qualified teacher and a Young Greenwich youth worker with a class size between 10-15.

  • The programme runs once a week for 10 weeks with an initial assessment and endline assessment conducted by Schools online to measure academic progress

  • Quality assurance will be delivered by head of CACT education

  • The offer is free

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Young Greenwich partners offer exciting activities delivered within the school setting

Art Hub

Art Hub Studios CIC is a non-profit, artist run, Community Interest Company. We've been providing all inclusive affordable artists' studios in South East London for 21 years and are dedicated to supporting artists at all stages of their career. Through our studios, gallery and outreach programme, we aim to promote the positive impact art can have on people's lives and wellbeing.

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Little Fish Theatre

Little Fish Theatre (LFT) supports social, personal and emotional development of vulnerable and disadvantaged young people in South London. Through the transformative experience of theatre and community arts, it enables young people to question their aspirations and beliefs, empowering them to develop their personal and life skills and to make positive life choices. The ultimate aim is to redress social injustice. To achieve these aims, LFT delivers targeted community arts projects focusing on YP’s personal and social development and touring theatre productions and associated workshops on themes relevant to YP’s lives.

Project Relations is an extension to the established and successful healthy relationships programmes that the company has delivered over the past 11 years. The project will address the disadvantages that place these young people at risk of unhealthy relationships. It is an excellent opportunity for LFT to support ’s young people’s mental health, healthy relationships, resistance to grooming and domestic violence through creative engagement. 

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Streetwise Law

The Streetwise Law programme is a community education project which informs, educates and empowers young people by teaching them about criminal law. They learn about a variety of areas of criminal law, how they could affected by crime, either as a victim or a perpetrator, and how to avoid becoming involved in the criminal justice system. The programme teaches young people about their rights and how to exercise them confidently and assertively, as well as warning them about the risks of certain activities and criminal lifestyles.  The programme is run as series of six workshops and is delivered in schools in Greenwich.

Streetwise Law deliver workshops on a variety of topics and the schools can select the ones most relevant for their students and include the following: stop and search, joint enterprise, social media crimes - online harassment/malicious communications, sexting and consent, drugs, domestic abuse, gangs, drill music and knife crime. The discussion of these topics includes reference to a number of offences including theft, robbery, burglary, knife crime, drugs, assaults, murder and manslaughter. The programme also covers procedure in the justice system from arrest to trial, as well as advice on becoming a lawyer.

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