Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions regarding Young Greenwich

How can I create an account on the Young Greenwich website? 

To create an account please click sign up and fill in the required details. This will give you access to sign up for our services 

How can I sign-up for a service or activity? 

To sign up for a service or activity you can view our services section which has a list of all services we provide and click to book. You can also view our activity calendar to book sessions. Please note to view our activities calendar you will need to register on our site. 

What is consent? Why do I need it from a parent or guardian? 

Many of our services require parental consent for young people under the age of 16. If a parent/ guardian doesn’t provide consent then the young person will not be able to access the service. There are some cases where consent does not need to be provided by a parent or guardian, this is when a professional refers under the Fraser Guidelines. Our consent process is to protect all those accessing our service  

How do I refer/sign-up a young person for a service/activity? 

All services that require referrals will need to fill in a referral form. To refer a young person, you can view this in the services section where a form will be attached. Please note to refer a young person for a service you will need their permission. You will need to be registered on our site. 

What is the Health & Wellbeing Review? 

The health and Wellbeing review is a questionnaire, which allows young people to find the best service that will benefit them. Based on the responses from the questionnaire enables us to provide the relevant and most effective offerings.   

Can I just turn up to a session?  

Our four youth hub sessions are open access and you can register when you arrive. However, we recommend you to book sessions on our activity calendar to confirm your space. Sessions are free to attend

We also have various partners which have drop-in sessions:  

  • Greenwich Youth for Christ 

  • Superkidz 

  • Central Eltham youth Project 

  • Middle park Community Centre

How can I get involved in working with young people or supporting the service? 

We have various opportunities to support our service. You can make donations to our services here.  For volunteering or supporting our youth service please contact our head of youth service jeannette.harrison@cact.org.uk. If you are interested in your organisation partnering with us, please contact koko.ruaud@cact.org.uk

Are all activities and memberships free? 

Most of our services are FREE/come at no cost. However, activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh Awards scheme may require a membership fee for the cost of equipment. 

Some of our partners also require cost to participate. They will discuss this with you during the sign-up process 

How can I stay up to date with activities in Young Greenwich? 

To stay up to date with our activities you can follow us on our social media platforms and also view our news section on our stories! 

Who can I contact for advice regarding a service? 

You can fill in our request to call form and a member of our team will contact you. click here