Activities and courses for young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Young Greenwich offers a range of community-based services for young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities up to 25 years old.

Youth Hubs

Young Greenwich has 4 main Youth Hubs located in different areas across Greenwich, providing young people with a safe space to socialise, have fun, learn new things and fulfil their potential.

The youth clubs offer integrated sessions to young people living and/or studying in Greenwich, aged between 8 to 19 and up to 25 if they have special educational needs and/or disabilities. The young people attending the youth hubs, are also offered opportunities to go on off-site visits and residential trips.

The youth hubs offer weekly sessions Monday to Sunday, providing young people with opportunities to take part in a wide range of activities.

Facilities include:

  • Music studio

  • Kitchen

  • IT suite

  • Tuck shop

  • Activity/dance room

  • Gaming area

  • Indoor and outdoor ball courts

  • Art room

Opening times, activities and facilities vary within each youth club.

Visit all our youth hub pages:

Visit out youth hub pages:

Hawksmoor Youth Hub

Avery Hill Youth Hub

Woolwich Common Youth Hub

Valley Central Youth Hub

Specialist SEND Services

The Javan Coker Foundation:

The Javan Coker Foundation is a registered Charity aiming to empower and support children and young people with disabilities and special or additional needs, and their families, to reach their full potential.

The service provides various activities in youth hubs and community groups around the borough, including creative arts, trips and outings as well as educational support, with the aim to:

  • Relieve children and young adults with disability and special needs whilst also providing support to their families, friends and/or carers.

  • Promote social inclusion for the public benefit by preventing the social exclusion of people who suffer from a disability.

Visit their page here

Metro Judo ASD provsion:

Metro Judo Club offers tailored weekly and monthly judo sessions for young people with Autism in two different venues across Greenwich, providing a safe space for young people to get active, have fun and develop skills.

Judo is proven to help autistic young people become more confident, develop their social skills, relieve stress and reduce anxiety. It is also a great space to let off steam in a structured and disciplined sport.

Visit their page here

Short Breaks:

Take part in the Short Breaks programme to meet friends, relax, learn new skills and have fun.

The Short Breaks service delivers fun, positive experiences for targeted children and young people with disabilities who live in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, enabling them to spend time away from their main carers, whilst also giving parents and carers a rest from caring duties.

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