Young Greenwich Day Celebrations | The Greener Game

28th Feb, 2023 14:32pm

Our youth service we deliver on behalf of the Royal Borough of Greenwich celebrated its annual Young Greenwich Day, which this year took place on Saturday 25 February at The Valley as Charlton Athletic played Sheffield Wednesday. 

This year's theme was linked to environmental and sustainability awareness, supporting Charlton’s 'Greener Game’. 

 Following tradition, the day celebrated our young people through a range of activities which included badge making or grow your vegetable workshop to follow the green theme. We also had one of our talented members, Daquain Jones, liven up the atmosphere with his DJ skills.  

Six of our young people partnered up with RSK and Countrystyle Recycling to take part in a litter-picking activity where they collected rubbish from around The Valley. 


In the lead-up to the day, Young Greenwich members have also been taking part in a range of environmental activities in their youth hubs. These included: 


  • Men’s team captain and PFA Environment Ambassador George Dobson and Poppy Soper from Charlton Athletic Women attending Avery Hill Youth Hub to discuss sustainability and answer questions 


  • Young people in our hubs re-creating the Charlton badge through a Make It Green challenge 


  • Young members making an environmental pledge through Pledgeball an organisation which encourages the football community to make changes to their lifestyle to collectively have a big impact on our planet. 

 During the day young people also had the opportunity to display all their environmental artwork through a pitchside presentation with Councillor Averil Lekau, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Climate Change, Environment and Transport. Cllr Lekau awarded the young people for all their environmental and sustainable contributions.  

Cllr Matt Morrow, the Royal Borough of Greenwich’s Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, who also joined the presentation, said: 'I think it's fantastic that young people are taking the lead on environmentalism because the world is going to belong to them. So, it is fantastic to see them learning about the environment and becoming activists so that they can make the world a better place'

We also welcomed some of our Young Greenwich partners on the day such as Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust, Metro Charity, B-Young Stars (who brought over families from their Ukraine group) and Royal Museums Greenwich. All brought an amazing presence to the day. 

A big shout out to Roots for Life who created a large Charlton badge collage made from fruit, vegetables and sustainable materials as well as running a workshop on the day. 

The day ended with our young people attending the ‘Greener Game’ match. 

We are glad we can celebrate our youth service through days such as Young Greenwich Day and look forward to future events. Here are some pictures of the day.