Young Greenwich Easter Camp 2022

29th April 2022 15:43pm by 2485

From April 6th Young Greenwich Delivered a four-day Easter camp programme to over 100 young people including those on free school meals or from disadvantageous backgrounds.

Young Greenwich opened their doors with a range of activities and projects. Activities such as plant making, sports, key chain making, dancing, and healthy eating challenges took place. Young people were provided with an opportunity to get involved in a range of things they have never tried before.

Kirsty white who attended WCYC said ‘I had such a good time. I really wish this camp was for longer. All the activities were really fun and everyone was friendly!

In addition to the activities, young people were able to get a healthy breakfast and hot meal every day. We spoke to our food providers for Avery Hill about their experiences ‘We have been in the community for over 20 years and this was an amazing experience providing food for young people. It was so joyous knowing that they enjoy it. We look forward to collaborating more in the future’ Mirela, Manager at Rox’s Restaurant in Eltham.

 We have received such amazing feedback from parents and young people and their parents and are proud we can partner with The Royal Borough of Greenwich to deliver such amazing and engaging holiday camps.

A special thanks to:

• The Royal Borough of Greenwich 

• Our four Youth Hubs (Woolwich Common, Hawksmoor, Avery Hill, and The Valley)

• Rox’s Restaurant Eltham

• KAZ Cafe in Woolwich

• All staff and members involved in the process

We look forward to our upcoming Summer camp in the next few months which will bring more exciting activities for young people.

For now, have a look at some pictures of how the Easter Camp went!


Hafize and her Father

from Kaz Cafe who provided nutritional food for Woolwich Common Youth Club


One of our young people created an amazing art peice!


Young people taking part in a healthy eating quiz at Hawksmoor

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