Young Greenwich Day 2019 proves to be inclusive in Royal Greenwich.

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8th November 2019 13:35pm

Young Greenwich through Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT) delivers Autistic Inclusive Meets (AIM) sessions at Woolwich Common Youth Hub to support young people in the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

This year, young people from AIM attended Young Greenwich Day as a group and watched a live Charlton Athletic match. Sharing their experience, we spoke to members Jem (17), Damien (12) and Millie’s mother, Jenny about how they felt on the day.

Tell us about your Young Greenwich Day experience.

Jem: I liked walking around watching the activities and the game. When CAFC were playing, I thought it was a good match and it wasn’t boring. It was also nice being at the front, close to the pitch, that was an experience. 

Damien: I went with my mum and I liked the mini football games outside of the stadium, it was exciting.

Jenny (Millie’s Mum): Millie loved it! The archery outside of the stadium, hula hooping, she was better than me! The excitement that came from this experience was brilliant. This opportunity has helped her with her speech and expression, she was able to communicate to her friends at school and her family about her day.


How did you find it watching a Charlton match?

Jem: I’ve never experienced being so close to the pitch before and it was a good atmosphere. I noticed they do a lot of activities with young people on the pitch and half-time which made me see Charlton as a family team; they want to get people involved on the day. This was my first ever time seeing Charlton play live and I would definitely go again.

Damien: This was my third time attending a Charlton game, it was a good day and I really liked the half-time race. I didn’t get to see Lyle Taylor but my friend managed to get me his autograph which was great.

Jenny (Millie’s Mum): Millie usually goes to watch the match with her nan as she is a season ticket holder but it was great to have her go with a group of young people for the first time, and being part of that. Having Millie on the pitch with Lyle Taylor meant so much to her and made the day special. It was so welcoming to come to the youth hub and go to the match, everyone was so inclusive.

Young Greenwich & CACT help to support young people in the Borough by giving them opportunities through its network, including Charlton Athletic Football Club. Young Greenwich would like to thank all attendees for being a part of the day and staff who have supported the young people in their Young Greenwich Day experience.


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