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17th January 2019 11:59am

During our trip to France last year, our members were captivated by the phrase “Living My Best Life” which was mentioned daily by Young Greenwich youth worker Olu. The young people agreed that this was a representation of how their trip went and came up with their own tips to realise this phrase.

Want to know how to live your best life? Take advice from some of our members and staff who have great tips on making the most of your journey and experiences.



Jameel – “Enjoy with friends, make new ones and have good relationships with staff.”

Finley – “Be excited for the day ahead.”

Brooke – “Sing, dance and don’t care what people think.”

Oliver – “Go on holiday with friends and keep your loved ones close.”

Lenny – “Have Olu [youth worker] around.”

Mark, Duke of Edinburgh’s Senior Youth Support Worker - “Remember things happen for a reason and life’s too short so enjoy it.”

Molly – “Laugh!”

Holly - “Live it to the fullest.”

Shannon - “Have the most fun.”

Fergus - “Laugh, have good company and work hard.” 

Trish, Unit Manager, Woolwich Common - “Have fun and face your fears. Enjoy every moment and make the most of it.”

Alfie - “Make new friends and adventure to other lands.”

Cherdon - “Go out, express yourself and get good education.”

Justin - “Try hard but not too hard.”

Annie - “Don’t be afraid to say ‘No’ to people who mistreat you.”

Ashante – “Don’t get upset.”

Olu, Senior Youth Worker - “Set yourself up financially.”

Joe -  “Sing ‘Living My Best Life’ and go to Olu.”

George - “Go to Disneyland and get on the Space Mountain ride.”

Millie - “Be confident and love yourself.”

Fatima - “Make the right friends.”

Shade, Marketing & Outreach Officer – “Laugh as much as you can and make great memories”

Jess - “Don’t listen to negative people.”

Holly - “Get involved and talk to people even if you don’t know them.”

Macy & Emelia - “Take risks, face your fears and go to Disneyland.”

Mark - “Have fun!”

Ryan – “Remember to relax.”

Claire, Unit Manager - “Give it a go!”

Cherisha - “Travel and visit families.”

Jack - “Be surrounded by people you love.”

Octawia - “Don’t let anyone get to you”.

Ellie - “Never have any regrets and always go with your gut.”

Violet - “Have fun and don’t take people for granted.”

Dave, Unit Manager - “Remember the past and prepare for the future.”


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