Sonar summer school

Tuesday 5th November 2013

Emergency Exit Arts recently ran a summer school to ease the transition for young people moving from primary school to secondary school, through a series of fun and educational workshops.

The sessions were delivered at Corelli College for year 5 and 6 pupils from Corelli’s feeder primary schools, as well as those in year 7 who already attend the college.

Led by EEA’s professional artists and some of Corelli’s staff, the summer school was also facilitated by a selected group of Arts Leaders; Corelli pupils from years 8 – 11 who assisted the professional artists and acted as mentors to the younger participants.

The week’s workshops inspired the students to develop their communicative and creative skills whilst having fun and making new friends at a potentially difficult point of transition to a new school.

Parents and friends of the participants were invited to a sharing of work event. All week the participants had worked on various components of an installation. They had completely changed the school gym environment and had created different areas of performance and art.

The audience was invited to firstly sit down at a feast where the sonar summer school was celebrated and explained through participants speaking poetry and through movement and dance.

An EAA artist commented, “The most beneficial aspect of the summer school was the young people were given a creative voice. They were given freedom to express themselves under the guidance of the artists. Also by having different art forms the young people were allowed to explore what they really enjoyed and experiment with art forms that they have never experienced before.”

A participant added, “The best thing about the summer school was to be like an artist and creating art in all different ways, as well as making friends and meeting new people.”