Scouting for songwriters

Wednesday 30th October 2013

Last night at The Valley in Charlton, Scouting For Girls frontman Roy Stride held a songwriting workshop and shared his tips for success. 

The session was laid on as part of the Royal Greenwich youth service.

Speaking at the workshop, Roy said, “My main passion is songwriting that’s what I focus on predominantly now. My first rule is to write, write, write.

“So many people want to be a star it’s very competitive. You have to work really hard at it. Writing is a skill. Some of the first songs I did are so bad, but a couple were good enough to get me a record deal when I was about 19.”

Roy, who plays piano and lead guitar/vocals in Scouting For Girls gave an overview of life in a band, how he got into the business and how he approaches songwriting.

Roy (c) chats to some of the young people last night

“I try and mix up how I approach songwriting, such as using different instruments, changing the people I work with. Writing a song with someone is like going on a first date with someone. Try and work with people who are better than you and don’t be afraid to try something stupid,” added Roy.

The group have sold over 2 million records to date, been nominated for four Brit awards and one Ivor Novello award.

He finished, “For our song She’s So Lovely, the melody is memorable, its very simple to sing and it’s a bit catchy. Keep coming up with alternate melodies until you come up with something catchy. If you believe in yourself, go for it and do it. If you write a song that you love yourself that’s better than trying to write a hit song.”

Scouting For Girls will be touring across England next month, find out more here: