Friday theatre proves popular

Wednesday 23rd October 2013

Every Friday Little Fish theatre has been delivering drama, photography and mask workshops with young people in the Royal Greenwich youth service.

Within the sessions the group, aged 10-13, has played a number of confidence building and communication games; they’ve experimented with masks and body language and have played the roles of directors and performers.

The sessions have also seen new group members attend since last term, with more boys now signed up, as well as improved relationships between young people, enhanced confidence and communication skills.

There have also been some excellent conversations between group members around the specific themes/dilemmas and social situations that have arisen through the drama. 

One young person, who has been attending the theatre sessions, said, “It was brilliant because everyone got a turn and it was fun to see everyone’s ideas. It was very fair the way that we all got to be directors and I really enjoyed it.”