Girls take on rowing challenge

Wednesday 31st July 2013

A group of young people, who attend sessions run by Greenwich Youth for Christ, recently had the chance to learn new skills through taking part in a rowing taster session at the Ahoy Centre in Deptford.

Greenwich Youth for Christ deliver a session titled Girls Thyme, which provides group based work with a core group of girls aged between 13 and 18. 

The rowing session at Ahoy was provided to seven girls from Girls Thyme and gave them the chance to develop teamwork skills, widen their experiences, gain a greater awareness of the Royal Borough of Greenwich, whilst also teaching them how to be safe on the water.

During their time on the water, the group had to learn the commands and skills required to move the boat, but most importantly, how to row as a team.

They had to learn to row in time with the commands given by one of the girls, and be in perfect sync with each other to ensure the boat moved in the desired direction.

A staff member at Ahoy commented, “It took a while for the girls to get the hang of it and they were rowing against a particularly strong tide, but they did an amazing job in the end, with some of the group taking to it really well.”

One of the girls commented, “This was something I’ve never tried before, or would usually have the chance to try and I loved it!”

Pam Hadlow, from Greenwich Youth For Christ, added, “This was a fantastic experience and a way for the young people we work with to explore and discover a new aspect for them of living in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. The Thames is an important part of Greenwich’s heritage and it was important for the young people to be out on it and to hear some of the history. The strong theme of teamwork for a group of girls who have previously been disjointed was a very useful experience for the group and youth workers as well.”