Reaping the rewards

Friday 12th July 2013

One young person has been reaping the rewards from the range of activities available at Samuel Montagu Youth Club in Kidbrooke.

Maisey Courtney, aged 12, is usually the only female attendee at the sessions, and is always willing to participate in the activities on offer and enjoys competing at the same level as her male peers.

Trust coaches add fitness-based exercises into the football sessions to keep the young people motivated.

Maisey, who plays in foal for Long Lane JFC under 13’s, said,  “I love coming to play football with the Charlton coaches because I want to learn more and get better for the team that I play for.”

Football isn’t the only activity on offer at Samuel Montagu Youth Club, as Maisey also attends a boxing club, which takes place twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday.

Maisey added, “The sessions at Samuel Montagu are really fun.  I don't get bothered by being the only girl at the sessions, they just make me more interested in football and other sports.”

Steve, one of the Boxing coaches at the youth club, commented, “Maisey is becoming a fantastic athlete and a pleasure to teach.  We do some cross-country running around the surrounding grounds of the youth club as a warm up before every session.  She is always the first one to arrive and is determined to beat all of her peers around the course. Maisey is an excellent role model to other girls who are slowly starting to join in at sessions.  She is encouraging other friends to come along to the club to engage in the activities that she loves taking part in, which is fantastic.”