A lot to offer

Wednesday 19th June 2013

Charlton Athletic Community Trust has been working closely with Samuel Montagu Youth Club in Kidbrooke, to deliver a range of activities including football, archery and volleyball.

Weekly football sessions are proving popular with the local young people and are continuing to grow in popularity. The sessions are open to everyone, including those who might not feel confident or be interested in playing football.

However, football isn’t the only activity on offer as the youth club now offers multisport activities including basketball, volleyball, archery, table tennis and pool.

The centre has also recently started delivering indoor volleyball and archery, which have proved to be just as popular as the football sessions. The young people have been able to try something different and both boys and girls can get involved and enjoy the new skills they are learning.

Archie, aged 10, is a regular attendee at the youth club, he said, “I always play football but as soon as there were other activities going on I wanted to try them out straight away. 

My favourite is the indoor volleyball because there are always loads of people playing so it makes it interesting and fun.”

Another attendee, Harvey, aged 15, has discovered his new favourite activity,  “I love the archery sessions at the youth club.  The youth workers really help me to learn the rules and show me what I have to do to be good at it.  I think it is really good that we are able to do a sport like archery as it’s so different and also because I saw it in the London Olympics last year.”

Richmond, one of the youth workers at the session, added, “It is good to see the young people taking part in these different activities.  It makes them aware that there are lots of different things on offer as they don’t always have to play football all the time. This youth club has a lot to offer and the facilities allow us to provide a wide range of activities for young people to try out.”