St Paul’s Proves Ideal Partner

Wednesday 1st August 2012

These sessions, which run after school and at weekends, offer excellent opportunities for young people from the area to engage in positive activities. Special thanks should go to Royal Greenwich who fund the project and to St Paul’s Academy who kindly allow us to use their facilities.

Niall McCann, Head of Sport and Deputy Head at St Paul’s said, ‘The inclusive nature of the project raises the self- confidence of our young citizens giving them a chance to express themselves.

Participants are learning discipline and respect for others through the power of sport. I would like to thank Charlton Athletic Community Trust who has helped us establish our Academy as a school with a unique offer to our community’.

The young people that attend the sessions range from 11 to 19 years of age and, whilst a high percentage of the young people are male, there are also a number of girls who attend. Strong emphasis is placed on good behavior from all participants which reinforces the same attitude adopted by the school.

Niall McCann added, ‘During the eleven years I have been at St Paul’s the project delivered by Charlton is one of the things I am most proud of’.

Matt Horne, Youth Service Partnership & Valley Central Manager, commented, ‘Part of the youth service provision dictates that the Trust must deliver in all areas of the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Like many other areas, Abbey Wood has suffered from reports of anti- social behavior and gang related crimes particularly after school and at weekends. In response to these issues, these sessions were set up at the crucial times with St Paul’s proving an ideal venue’.

Flyers and posters were put round advertising the sessions and with word of mouth playing an important role also the sessions have grown steadily attracting large numbers of young people.

Recently the Trust has used the sessions to refer young people highlighted by the Youth Offending Service both as participants and as part of reparation hours and work experience.

Football is not the only activity delivered as part of the project as the Trust has delivered other sessions including multi-sports and dance.

Going forward, the Trust is planning to run workshops on music production and digital media which will enhance the project further.