Reaping the rewards

Wednesday 5th June 2013

20 young people, aged 14-19 from across the Royal Borough of Greenwich, took part and completed their Duke of Edinburgh's (DofE) award expeditions last week.

All of the young people who took part gained their bronze level DofE award. They also completed the three sections needed to pass the award, which included volunteering, physical and skill.

Taking part in all of these sections allowed the young people to participate in different experiences, meet new people, develop their understanding of new challenges and activities and increase their confidence and sense of achievement.

The young people have now become more involved in other opportunities, which are offered by the Royal Greenwich Youth Service, including sport and media activities.

Lucy Renshaw, aged 15, said, “The biggest benefit of taking part in the award was to have it on our CV’s. The benefits has gone beyond just our CV’s and has allowed me to make some new friends, friends for life! It's has also opened up opportunities like meeting HRH Prince Philip and taking part in Young People's Day at The Valley. I’ve had a great time and am looking forward to doing the silver award.””

Everest Unger, aged 18, commented, “I have enjoyed every minute of the award. It has been a tough challenge but well worth doing. I have taken part in new activities through my skill and physical sections and enjoyed both. I have met lots of new people and have realised that I have a natural ability to lead groups, something which I would like to continue throughout my silver award and by helping as a DofE ambassador. I would recommend to all of my friends and anyone else to do their DofE award as it’s been great."

Mark Cawthorne, Duke of Edinburgh's Award Coordinator, said, “All of the young people who have taken part have expressed an interest in completing their silver award next. They are keen to continue working with us and some are looking to take part in becoming a DofE ambassador to support new young people through their Bronze award, which is fantastic.”

CLICK HERE to view a video of the young people taking part in a orienteering challenge.