Weekend football

Thursday 16th May 2013

For the past year, as part of the Royal Greenwich Youth Service, the Trust has been delivering weekend sessions at Coldharbour Leisure Centre, which aim to offer positive engagement with young people in the south of the borough.

Although numbers were low to begin with, there is now a regular attendance of over 16 young people from the local area.

The session is football based and includes small sided matches as well as teaching the young people the purpose of warm up’s and physical activity.

By regularly attending, the Trust's coaches aim to keep young people on the right track, teach them life skills and give them the opportunity to meet other young people they have never met before.

The session has now introduced a reward scheme at the end of each term, starting with a trip to the cinema recently.

Matt Horne, Youth Service Partnership Manager, said, ‘Every week our staff turn up to teach and coach these young people and get a sense of reward by helping the attendees to improve their football ability as well as seeing them develop a positive attitude towards the session by coming back each week and staying out of trouble.”

Christain Kostov, who attends the session each week, added, “It’s a very nice session and has two of the best coaches I have ever met. They give me a chance to build my future, I learn loads of stuff when I come to the session and look forward to every Saturday’s session here. We learn how to put in a lot of effort and it gives us really good practice before we start a match such as warm up’s, passing, shooting, crossing, dribbling and we also learn new skills.”

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