Learning life-saving skills

Monday 8th April 2013

A group of young people who regularly attend a special needs session at Avery Hill Youth Club, recently had the chance to take part in a certified course.

The young people, aged 16-24 are transported to the youth club by bus and the disabilities in the group include Down’s syndrome, Willams syndrome, autism, learning difficulties and cerebral palsy. 

The group were eager to to learn about first aid, after they heard that other young people at youth club had taken part in a course.

The first aid lasted for two ours and gave the young people an insight into the essential skills and received a certificate for basic life support which lasts for one year.

The group also had to watch a DVD on bleeding and heart attacks, learnt how to put a dressing on and were taught how to put somebody in the recovery position and perform CPR.

Tom, the tutor who delivered the course, said, ‘The group were very good and worked well together. Its good for young people to take part in a first aid course as learning these skills could save someone’s life.”

One of the young participants commented, ‘I really enjoyed doing something new and learning how to do first aid. It was great to take part in a certified course.”