Stub out smoking

Thursday 28th March 2013

Charlton Athletic Community Trust’s Kick the Habit team recently paid a visit to Valley Central to deliver a hard-hitting workshop around the dangers and risks of smoking to a group of Greenwich based teenagers.

In addition to this, the young people who attended the course gained a Level 1 certificate in Smoking Cessation. This nationally recognised accreditation enables the students to support and provide brief intervention with the delivery of other Smoking Cessation courses delivered by the Trust’s Kick the Habit Team.

The next step for these young people would be to qualify for the Level 2 accreditation, which would enable them to progress from Volunteer into paid employment.

Youth Service Partnership Manager Matt Horne said, “Organising this workshop has taught the young people facts about smoking that they did not know before. I am hoping they will take what they have learnt today on board and try and stop other young people smoking as they now know what the effects are on people’s health. This project is a fantastic demonstration of the excellent partnership work going on in the Borough and the positive effect that it can have on young people’s lives.”

Teenager Silas Mulamba, who attended the course, said, “I’ve learnt about the damage smoking can cause to normal people who are being killed from smoking, which is information that I did not know before this workshop.”