Something to remember

Monday 19th November 2012

One young person speaks about her experience of taking part in this summer's National Citizen Service.

By Olivia Hooper

Gilwern Park- South Wales

Our residential at Gilwern Park was very very adventurous as we took part in various activites such as Gorge walking, Caving, Rock climbing, Hill walking, Canoeing, Crate stacking and more. The first week of our residential was intended to allow us to get to know each other and work in a team.

Arethusa – Rochester

Our second residential at Arethusa allowed us to do many more waterbased activities such as: Swimming, Sailing, Kayaking, Motorboating and Raft building/racing. The second week gave us the chance to work closely with our team members and develop ideas for our social action project.

My team’s social action project was named Tainted Love. It was based on the subject of unhealthy relationships. We produced a video to raise and spread awareness to our target audience of teenagers. This video has been supported by organisations such as Victim Support, Play Back Studio’s and Charlton Athletic. We have also been supported throughout by our team leaders. 

“OMG I just abseiled of a 70ft cliff!” and “Once in a life time opportunity to experience the outdoors to its full capacity” were just some of the comments made by my teammates.

I fully gained confidence and made many friends along the way and NCS enabled me to reach my full potential and gain the confidence to succeed.