Soccer Saturday

Tuesday 9th October 2012

The Trust has been delivering Kickz football sessions at St Pauls Academy on a Saturday night for over a year, which is proving as popular as ever.

The sessions run from 6-8pm attracts 20-30 young people, aged 13-18, each week. The session is open to not only young people who attend St Pauls Academy in Abbey Wood, but also to those living in the local area.

Recently, the Trust carried out fitness and technique sessions to put the young people to the test. Six separate stations were set up with half working with a ball and the other half working on the speed and agility using ladders, poles and passing techniques.

Bexley Targeted Officer at the Trust, Kim Dixson, who organised the session, said, ‘The young people normally just wanted to play games so it was something different and they really enjoyed it. They didn’t moan and worked very hard. We needed to change the session so we didn’t just play matches. The session worked really well and they all enjoyed the session. They all worked really hard and surprised they didn’t moan about not playing matches.

‘We spoke to the young people after the session to get their input and to see what they thought. It was all positive feedback and really enjoyed it’.

Derek, who took part in the session, said, ‘I started coming to the St Pauls Kickz sessions because it is a great way to meet new people and can improve my football skills. The fitness session was really good and the training will help us a lot. I also enjoyed winning with my team!’

Bami, aged 13, added, ‘I started coming to St Pauls to develop my fitness as well as my technical play. The sessions have helped me as my technical game has improved since taking part. The session today was intense at the start with good fitness training and will develop me as a player with more fitness sessions, I really enjoyed it’.

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