Foy Club cancer awareness linked with Christmas activities

Tuesday 16th December 2014

A discussion on Cancer was held at The Foy Club to spread awareness. past year has been stressful for some people at Foy Club.

Two young people attending Foy club discovered their mums had breast Cancer.

We had a discussion on cancer

Different color awareness has become increasingly popular for cancer diseases and causes. 

Certain months and weeks have also been designated to create awareness about many types of cancer. Treatment available is chemotherapy radiotherapy and lots of medication some people lose their hair during treatment.

There are lots of different cancers. Some people are lucky after treatment they can get rid of the cancer and some it takes their life. Foy club made a Christmas tree with pink bows to support and respect people with cancer. Young people have taken their own initiative and are raising money for cancer awareness at the end of the term they will pay their collections into a cancer research.

Cancer is a sensitive subject at Foy club after consultation with young people we came to a conclusion they would like to support cancer research. It’s important everyone is aware of cancer as it can happen to anyone

One participant said, "My mum lost her hair she also had to have her breast removed I used to get very upset."

Another participant added, "my mum had a breast removed during her treatment she lost her hair eyebrow nails it’s not seeing your mum in pain."