Halloween at Valley Central

Monday 10th November 2014

Halloween started early this year at Valley Central. Morgan, Kevina and Valley Central Unit Manager Robert Parara began planning the event from speaking with some of the young people to decide on what party games they wanted and competitions they wanted to run.

As well as celebrating a memorable evening of the year, this project was to use the Halloween Party to introduce some peer mentoring.

The young people spent a lot of time making their own decorations for the party some of which was from clay.

Morgan (with support from Robert Parara) worked out the budget for the party. Then on the day, both Morgan and Kevina came to the party to help set up and assist with the party, by leading with some of the activities.  

“I was really pleased that Morgan and Kavina both volunteered to help with the project" said Parara. 

"It was great to see both of them getting fully involved with every step of the project, never missing a meeting. On the day of the party Morgan and Kavina both turned up extra early to set up and was very supportive throughout".

Kavina said “I really enjoyed helping the younger kids it was a lot of fun".

Morgan too enjoyed the planning, “I liked organising the games and putting up the decorations for the younger ones and seeing them enjoy themselves".