Bowling hits the spot

Tuesday 12th August 2014

Young people aged 10-12 years old, who attend Valley Central Youth Hub, chose to go bowling as a summer activity earlier this week.

The trip gave the group an opportunity to gain skills, engage with other young people of their age and learn about the local area.

The young people headed to Lewisham Bowl after planning the quickest route on the bus by searching on the internet. Young people built good team skills whilst competing against each other in bowling.

Sukhie Panesar, Youth Worker at Hawksmoor Youth Club, said, “I like to encourage and give young people the opportunity to get involved and take charge with organising travel arrangements for local trips out. It was a really enjoyable day and the young people had lots of fun.”

Seb Love, aged 10, added, “It was a great good day out bowling, we really enjoyed it.”

Asheka, aged 11, also attended the trip, “I enjoyed today, it was my first trip out and I definitely want to go again on other trips.”