Summer 2014 Monopoly Challenge

Thursday 7th August 2014

Young people attending the youth service were invited to take part in this year’s summer 2014 Monopoly Challenge.

Over the course of three days, young people are given a set of 30 clues for venues in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, encouraging safe travel around the Borough finding destinations from clues given and all destinations are of places of interest for young people.

27 young people started at Valley Central Youth Hub and travelled around areas in Charlton, Greenwich and Woolwich, finding places of interest from clues given.

The group divided themselves into 6 groups, competing against each other to reach all destinations first. To prove they had visited each place, they had to use their camera to take pictures, developing their digital media skills, and extra points were awarded for those who took the best and unique pictures.

Some groups got on over 10 buses to travel around the Royal Borough, whilst others chose to walk or run between destinations!

At the end of the day, all teams met up at Woolwich Common Youth Hub for refreshments and to share pictures and stories from their day.

The next part of the Monopoly Challenge will be taking place on Friday 8th August. If you would like to take part, call 0208 850 8577.

Dave Martin, Youth Worker, said, “We took some amazing pictures today. From the top of Greenwich Park we could see the city and river showing how parks and open spaces can exist alongside the city.”

Samson, a young person who took part in the challenge, added, “There are so many things in Greenwich which I didn’t realise was there until today.”