Indoor BBQ at Hawksmoor

Wednesday 6th August 2014

Young people at Hawksmoor Youth Hub have been learning how to do an indoor BBQ, using a smokeless grill.

30 young people, aged 10-18 years old, who regularly attend Hawksmoor Youth Hub, gained valuable life skills as they learnt how to plan and take part in an indoor BBQ cooking session.

They also had the opportunity to make a homemade burger from scratch, using minced meat and seasoning before shaping and cooking them on an indoor grill.

The group also made homemade coleslaw to go with their beefy burgers.

The young people learnt some valuable lessons including basic skills around health and hygiene, using different kitchen utensils and learning how long it takes to cook different foods – especially with meat as some people like their food rare, medium or well done.

The workshop was hugely popular and so well attended that the staff team will soon be planning another BBQ later this summer – more details coming soon!

Youth Worker Dave Martin said, “One member said tell me when my burgers done, I said when YOU have cooked it you’re the chef today. The group really enjoyed the responsibility of cooking their own food.”

Conor, who took part in the cooking workshop, added, “I didn’t or couldn’t cook before coming to Hawksmoor, but I’ve learnt so much.”