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Friday 31st August 2012

It’s important for young people to find a hobby, or an interest, or find out what makes them tick, so they can focus on something positive in their lives and stay out of trouble, but at the same time take part in something they really enjoy.

Following the success of the Olympic Games in London this year, we have some exciting projects and activities in place for young people aged 10-19 to get involved with. Whether your interest is in sport, performing arts, volunteering or digital media, there is something for everyone!

We will also be launching a series of competitions shortly and I will be helping to judge the winners and present them with their prizes.

I was recently telling an old school friend of mine about some of things we were planning for the youth of the local area and he reminded me of how we had spent our time as kids...."Round the back of the World of leather in Charlton" He began. "Using the long polystyrene packages from skips as pretend lightsabers" 

With all of the opportunities available now, I think young people today will have a chance to do more constructive activities!

I didn't need any further motivation to be youth services ambassador and get these projects up and running after that charming disney-esq tale from an old friend.

Oh and World of leather has now shut down anyway.