Off to Wembley

Wednesday 11th June 2014

"What a goal by Sturridge", said 12 year old Elliot, "if England play like this, maybe improve their final ball a bit, we have a good chance at the World Cup."

This is young Elliot’s response to a question about his trip to see the England vs. Peru friendly on the 30th of May with his group, the Gillingham Youth for Christ. Courtesy of the Trust, Elliot and some of his friends from the group were given tickets to go watch the game at Wembley stadium.

The tickets were given to some of the children who attend Thursday football club after school at Onespace thanks to a link with Sport Chaplaincy UK and the FA Inclusion Project. For one of the kids, 12 year old Mark, it was their first ever live match.

"I really enjoyed the trip, it was my first time seeing a game" he said, "I also really enjoyed being part of the crowd." Since it was half term, the crowd was made up of more younger people than usual and with a 3 – 0 win by the Three Lions, there was plenty to celebrate. The atmosphere and tension was exciting.

Overall the day with GYFC’s Thursday members was a complete success, with Joe Crisp, the Deputy CEO of the organization giving a thanks to everyone involved, ‘We were really grateful to be offered the tickets and it seemed fitting to offer them to the boys who had attended the football project we run. Everyone had a fantastic time and it was great to see England put in a good performance right before the World Cup’.