Get involved with the Young People's Council

Tuesday 6th May 2014

If you are a young person who lives, works or studies in Royal Greenwich then the Greenwich Young People's Council (GYPC) represents you.

Members have been elected in schools, youth clubs, the Children in Care Council and by disabled young people and they act as a voice for young people in the Royal Borough.

GYPC meets monthly to help plan events and discuss different issues relevant to young people within the Royal Borough.

Greenwich Young People's Council has decided that, for this year, it will focus on these main aims:

Challenging stereotypes

  1. Young people often get bad press
  2. We have two young media reps working with Royal Borough of Greenwich's Communications team
  3. We will promote positive stories about young people

Preparing for the world of work

  1. We will ask you what you think about work experience
  2. We will talk to decision makers and employers about preparing young people for work
  3. We will give young people the skills to prepare for work

Promoting accessible activities

  1. Young people want to know more about activities
  2. We will talk to providers about improving promotion of activities
  3. We will promote activities directly to you

Healthy relationships

  1. Everyone needs healthy relationships and people they can trust
  2. Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves
  3. We will raise awareness of healthy and unhealthy relationships
  4. We will raise awareness of where to go for help
  5. We will give young people the skills to talk about relationships

Improving relationships with the police

  1. We will talk to the police about how to improve relationships with young people
  2. We will give you more information about the roles of the police and how to contact them
  3. We will talk to the police about improving young people's representation on local issues

You can help us by letting us know what you think about these topics, completing our surveys and by looking out for events. You could help us to run assemblies in schools or talk to a group of your friends about what we do.

To find out more or to get involved please contact Kaz Mcbye at, call 0207 358 2005 or visit;