Basketball hits the headlines

Friday 24th August 2012

The sports journalism course, which took place over the last three weeks, was run by the Trust in association with Headliners and Gallions Housing Association. The course, which enrolled eleven young journalists, aimed to teach about the techniques used in the media industry.

The Trust and Gallions ran a football and basketball tournament in Tavy Bridge, which gave the hopeful journalists the opportunity to put their new skills to the test. They took action shot pictures and interviewed the players.

Michael Addae, aged 13, one of the young people who signed up to the journalism course, said, ‘It’s been a great chance to learn how to use a camera properly. It means you’re not stuck inside and we get to go out and take pictures in my local area.’

The Trust’s Bexley Targeted Officer, Kim Dixson, who organised both of the courses, was pleased with how it had worked out, ‘It has been really successful and we’d like to thank Gallions Housing Association and Headliners for all their support’.

Sixteen year old, Chinedu Obyonuaya, who helped to organised the basketball tournament, added, ‘It’s been a wonderful experience. It helps give people something to do over the summer as well as enjoying themselves. Basketball is also a new activity to this area which is great and hopefully we can make it a more regular occurrence’.