Taking to the ice

Thursday 24th April 2014

Nearly 40 young people attended an ice skating trip recently, with staff from the youth service.

The outing, which took place at the Gillingham based ice rink, brought together young people from four different areas of the Royal Borough of Greenwich, to provide an opportunity to make new friendships and to build confidence and self-esteem.

Young people had the chance to take part in a new sport, which puts balance and skill to the test.

Claire Hallinan, Unit Manager at Hawksmoor Youth Club, said, “I was so amazed to see the rapid growth of confidence in individual young people during the trip and it was great to see young people try out a new sport. Half of the group had not been ice skating before.”

Tashanna, one of the young people who attended, added, “I have never been ice skating before and by lunch time I was able to skate without holding on. I hope they do another ice skating trip in the summer as I had so much fun and made some new friends.”