The Little Fish Theatre Company

Sunday 16th March 2014

The Little Fish theatre company started the term at Valley Central by collectively creating drawn characters to brainstorm ideas for different activities to structure the sessions. 

The group have always been keen on group games, drama and improvisation. This term as well as building on existing interests, new games, dance, beat-boxing, poetry and script work were all introduced.

Highlights from the sessions have included an excellent piece of drama developed by Luke, Lillie, Mia and Frankie that dealt with the dilemmas of a fictional legal case encouraging the group to really think about how their characters would interact. Some brilliant freeze-tag improvised duologue pieces, the ‘hitchhiker game’, learning a dance with teacher Stu, performing different pieces to workers Rob, Olu and Brian and using newspaper images to devise stories.

Matt Horne, Youth Service Partnership Manager, said, “Little Fish have been a solid partner of ours since we first started delivering the Universal Youth Service in 2013.  They are a very effective deliverer and popular with young people as the offer diverse and fun workshops.”