Hawksmoor Football Tournament

Monday 3rd March 2014

During half term Hawksmoor Youth Club held a five a side football tournament for members aged 10–16years old.  Everyone was encouraged to form teams of 5/6 players to compete in the knockout tournament with the winning team being awarded the Hawksmoor Large Shield trophy as well as each member of the team receiving a cinema ticket.

There was a total of 7 teams that entered the competition with one all female team.  The tournament attracted a large following of supporters, with the numbers attending Hawksmoor during the half term reaching over 80 members in one particular session.

David Martin, Lead Youth Worker for the tournament said "This event has proved to be very popular among young people from the Royal Borough of Greenwich and Local Schools. It was good to see young people with passion, be competitive and make new friends through this event."

One of the participants, Harley said “I have made new friends, there are some good football players now at Hawksmoor, we should now make this a Borough wide event, where we challenge other youth club.”  Staff at Hawksmoor are looking into the possibility of adding the tournament to the Annual Greenwich Games.

Matt Horne, Youth Service Partnership Manager said “Hawksmoor is a really busy hub and like most young people really enjoy having competitive tournaments. The amount of young people we are getting here shows the need for youth provision in the area.”