New Debating Society at the Valley

Thursday 27th February 2014

As part of our universal youth service and in partnership with HWK Debates, the first debating society event took place at Valley Central last week. 

This group gives young people the opportunity to discuss topical comments within a forum.  The subject under discussion for the first event was ‘Lowering the Voting Age to 16yrs’ debated by Hassan Waqar, Director of HWK and Mutara Sheriff, Assistant Director.  Steve Chambers of Charlton Athletic Community Trust chaired the event with 2 members from ‘Debating Matters’ acting as judges.  This was the first of many debates on the current issues faced by young people in the local community.

Hassan Waqar, Director of HWK said “The event was a great experience for the society. The people that arrived were really engulfed in the topic with a lot of questions being asked by both the floor and the judges. I would like to thank my Assistant Director, Mutara Sheriff who has helped on the day and I would also like to thank Debating Matters and Steve Chambers for their support. I personally look forward to working with the community and if any party has any interest or any query regarding HWK Debates then please do email or visit

“This is a fantastic opportunity for the young people of Greenwich to have their voices heard.” Matt Horne Youth Service Partnership Manager.