Young Greenwich Stories: Katherine and Paul from the FOY Club

Monday 10th July 2017

Young Greenwich offers a variety of activities and courses for young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). Specialist youth clubs, after school and holiday sessions are available to young people to get them more involved in the community with the support of qualified youth workers.

The FOY Club is a youth club for SEND young people that runs twice a week. The safe space and specialist support provides an introduction to the youth service and gateway into other sessions like the Integrated Youth Club.

Former FOY club members Katherine and Paul show a great example how opportunities for young people could arise from a youth club.

Here’s what Katherine and Paul had to say about their FOY club journey with Young Greenwich and where they are today:

KATHERINE – FOY Club Volunteer

When did you start attending the FOY club?

I started going to FOY when I was 15. I grew up in Charlton and having a club that was close to home was really good for me.

What did you enjoy the most about the sessions?

I really enjoyed making things and being practical. There were many sessions which allowed me to be creative and learn new things. I also loved going on trips!

How did going to FOY club help you?

Being involved with activities in the community helped me feel more included. I was always around other young people and the staff who made me feel welcome and allowed me to be more social.

Why did you decide to volunteer for FOY club?

I loved interacting with people and it was something I wanted to continue. Once I stopped coming as a member, I asked to help with the sessions to get involved with people who were just like me.

PAUL – FOY Club Volunteer/IT Support

How long have you been attending the FOY club?

I was a FOY member for 8 years before I became part of the team.

What did you like about the going to the FOY club?

I really liked hanging out with people and going on trips. I grew up in Woolwich so it was great see new places with my friends.

How did your FOY club experience help you?

I was quite shy before I started going to FOY. Going to the club made me become more confident because I was interacting with people in a fun environment.

What motivated you to get involved with the FOY club as a volunteer?

I really enjoyed coming to FOY and didn’t want to leave my friends behind. Being quite good with IT, I helped around as a member and offered to continue with the club afterwards. 

The FOY Club runs every Tuesday and Wednesday at Valley Central Youth Hub, Charlton, SE7 8BL.

To find out further information about the FOY club, please visit or e-mail senior youth worker Carol Aldridge at