Young Greenwich Celebrates National Youth Work Week.

Monday 12th November 2018

Organised by the National Youth Agency (NYA), Youth Work Week (YWW) provides the opportunity for youth organisations, workers and young people to celebrate their achievements and their outstanding impact of their work to others. As mentioned by NYA, the week is an opportunity to explore the changing landscape for youth work delivery and a time to celebrate the incredible difference it makes to young people’s lives.

This year, Youth Work Week was held between 5-11 November with the theme being ‘What is Youth Work?’. Young Greenwich took part and made the week a memorable experience. 

In relation to the theme, the young people from Woolwich Common, Hawksmoor and Avery Hill Youth Hub wanted to explore the world of youth work in their own community and experienced that by becoming youth workers themselves during the week.

Over 6 weeks, the young people had the opportunity of applying for a youth work role, getting interviewed, plan their own sessions and deliver activities to other young people in their youth hubs. Each hub had a group of young youth workers (with the support from staff), who led the sessions throughout the week.

The young people had the experience of what youth work really was, from challenges they may face to the impact they have on other people. Taking on the key roles of youth work; supporting other young people as well as their colleagues for the week, they were responsible for the operations, planning of activities and staff briefings each night.

Millie from Avery Hill said: 

“I felt really good! Would think about doing youth work in the future.”

Jack who also took part in the experience at Avery Hill said:

“It was a good session; the young people weren’t as challenging as I expected. I still want the uniform!”

Young Greenwich staff wanted to highlight the importance of the Youth Work field by giving young people an insightful experience to celebrate the theme and share the knowledge. It’s fantastic to see the achievements made over the past few weeks and how the young people adapted to new things.

Click here to watch the video of the young people who took part in the takeover for National Youth Work Week.