Woolwich Polytechnic Team Day

Monday 3rd July 2017

Young Greenwich teamed up with Woolwich Polytechnic School in Thamesmead to present 2 team days at Valley Central Youth Hub to celebrate the completion of Year 9’s exams.

The first event took place on Monday 3rd July and students were invited to take part in a range of activities as a reward for their good behaviour and achievements over the years.

This event gave students the opportunity to work together through playing FIFA 2017, pool, table tennis tournaments and a quiz led by CACT’s Youth Service Partnership Manager, Matt Horne. To top it all off, one lucky winner received one of the new Premier League footballs.

Here’s what tutors had to say about the event:

“The event was very well organised and everyone was engaged in the activities even if they were not naturally sporty. It’s great to see the students feel more included in the local community with events like this from our long lasting partner”

– Lynn, Co-tutor at Woolwich Polytechnic School

“Engaging is the word I can use to describe the events of today, it was nice to see the kids enjoy every part of it! We have a long-standing partnership Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT) and they have worked successfully on getting everyone involved by working together. ”

– Greg, Tutor at Woolwich Polytechnic School

After this exciting start, the second event is set to take place later this week where GCSE students will use technical drawings of The Valley to design their own stadium.

Check out the pictures of the first team day event here>>>