Olympians mark Metro Judo Club’s 40th Anniversary

Thursday 13th July 2017

Two high profile athletes joined in the celebration of Metro Judo Club’s 40th year at Thomas Tallis School in Greenwich. 

Olympic silver medallist Gemma Gibbons, Commonwealth gold winner Euan Burton and coach Vicky Dunn led a training session for local young people. Metro Judo Club is a partner of Young Greenwich, and its founder Mick Murphy described their presence as ‘inspiring’ for club members.

“We have been with Young Greenwich and Charlton Athletic Community Trust for about 3 years. We are happy to be part of such a fantastic organisation!”

- Mick Murphy, Coach & Founder

Born and raised in Charlton, Gemma Gibbons started her Judo journey at the Metro Judo Club as a result of her vibrant energy. Her passion for this sport combined with the support from her first ever coach Mick Murphy, steered her into many achievements including the 2012 London Olympics with a silver medal. 

“The code of Judo is about Honour and Respect”

- Gemma Gibbons, British Judoka

Gemma’s career history is an example of how a club for young people can open up doors in the future. Attending specific clubs also teaches young people valuable lesson and social skills as stated by Gibbons, “Even though it is an individual sport, the only way you can train is with other people and I think it is good for every type of person”.

Euan Burton began his Judo journey also at the age of 6 at a small club outside Edinburgh. His introduction to Judo built his confidence, he mentions; “My parents took me to different clubs because I was very shy, Judo was the sport I really connected with and it definitely got me out of my shell.” 

“To feel part of something and to be included in a community like a Judo club can literally make a difference in someone’s life from a negative path to a positive one.”

- Euan Burton, MBE & Scottish Judoka

After years of dedication to the sport, he also made his mark in the Judo industry with many achievements including the 2008 & 2012 Olympic Games and 2014 Commonwealth games as a gold medal winner for Scotland. In addition to his success, Euan is also an MBE and a full time coach, continuing his career within the sector.

Both Gemma and Euan support the likes of clubs which help to build the passion, confidence and motivation of young people. Clubs like Metro Judo, supported by Young Greenwich provide opportunities as well as activities for young people to take part in, bringing the community together.

Our programmes are here to support young people in the borough and open up doors for their future. It is great to have incredible partners like Metro Judo Club working on initiatives to help build the community.

- Matt Horne, CACT’s Youth Service Partnership Manager

Young Greenwich runs sessions with Metro Judo Club on Mondays and Wednesdays. To see more pictures of the training day, click here>>>