YUAF Mental Health Pilot a Huge Success

Monday 19th December 2016

Young Greenwich's partners the Young Urban Arts Foundation (YUAF) have recently completed an exciting few months with the launch of the brand new 'Skip to the Beat' programme helping young people break the stigma of mental health and find positive ways to express their emotions through creativity and music.

Delivered at The John Roan School in Greenwich, it was an innovative programme utilising music, rapping, expressive writing and music production to help youn gpeople express themselves and provide effective tools to self-manage conditions.

The programme was a huge success with our young people feeling happier, more confident and self-esteem boosted. Working with vulnerable people made us realise how much more support is needed and we have been busy designing a longer programme to support each group for up to a year.

You can watch the inspirational video made about the programme here >>>