TRENDING TOPICS: is the media portraying women properly?

Monday 15th August 2016

by Chloe Toland, 17 from Shooters Hill


“As soon as a woman gets to an age where she has opinions and she’s vital and she’s strong, she’s systematically shamed into hiding under a rock” as Sarah Silverman once said.

Why do the men in society still have the upper hand compared to women?, We have some powerful inspiring females who the media will only speak about the clothes they wear, what make up styles they are wearing what designer they are wearing.

When we hear feminism in today’s media we think about the Suffragettes and how Emily Davidson heroically jumped in front of the King’s horse to make a stand against how her fellow Feminists where being treated.

How Beyoncé’s alter ego Sasha Fierce scared us at first and now we are inclined to follow her as a strong female character to look up to.

When in honesty men and boys will ridicule us about how radical feminists are and how #FreeTheNipple was a ridiculous idea because breasts are a sexual object when honestly they are a thing that provides milk for their children.

I t honestly upsets a lot of women and girls who want to be able to openly talk about their feminist views which hundreds and thousands of women do.

So why does the media only focus on what Kate Middleton is wearing, who Taylor Swift’s next break up is going to be with, why Alicia Keys is working with #BlackLivesMatter, and how Adele has lost weight.

Why should women and girls be force fed absolute ridiculousness which will affect our lives in almost no way at all? Shouldn’t we be reading who inspired Beyoncé to portray the Black Panther party in celebration of getting justice for the many Black men and women killed by the police in America?

How Taylor Swift had body issues growing up how she hated herself and how the only way she could get through high school was by writing music. How Cara Delevigne sticks to having a daily weep to stop her emotions turning into depression?

So my question is why? Why do the media do this?

The answer is that the media is controlled by men, and compared to the media theory the male gaze only accepts that a women should look nice and appeal to those who buy it which is not only men. These entire ideologies that men control what women do. How women dress.

So this is where we as young people should be putting up a protest start challenging why beauty is defined by what the media say. 

So why not challenge what the news are saying why not comment on the newspapers websites why not encourage the boys and girls around you to speak about Females who inspire you, this could be your Mum, a celeb a teacher. I will start Miss Jaffe my old head teacher who got to know everyone’s issues.