Don't be m-easily led about Measles

Friday 12th August 2016

Did you know that cases of measles are on the rise?

Teenagers are being most affected because many of them missed out on their MMR vaccinations in the late 1990s and early 2000s when the vaccine was mistakenly linked to cases of autism.

Measles causes a rash and high fever and can be very serious if not prevented. 

A significant number of cases, linked to music festivals and other large public events, have been reported. As there are a number of big musical festivals coming up, such as the Reading Festival, there are concerns that there could be further outbreaks.

If you are unsure if they have been fully vaccinated should check with their GP and make an appointment to ensure they receive the 2 doses of MMR vaccine required.

But Young people (and adults) can still receive the MMR jab to protect them if they have missed out previously.  Its free and available at their local GP practice (unfortunately that is the only setting available currently).

It’s not too late to have the jab at your GP. You can ask your GP for more details or read all about it by clicking here >>>