The 2 acts are chosen to open for Rixton

Tuesday 7th July 2015

After many applications were received, 6 talented musicians were invited to attend the Perform:2015 finals in the American Express Invites Lounge at The O2 on Monday night. The prize at stake…2 of the acts would be selected to open for Rixton on Thursday at the Indigo at the O2.

Judged by Capital Breakfast Radio host Dave Berry, Perform:2014 winner Autumn Sharif and The O2 General Manager Rebecca Kane, the 6 acts were addressed before the auditions with the formalities of the night.

“Being here (at The O2), shows that things are going in the right direction,” said Dave Berry.

“It’s a great opportunity and you never know where this could take you.”

In the running order of rock band San Agila, Chief Sarpong, Caitlin Benn, Jerusha Frimpong, Olivia Hallett and MMDGWW (Daniel Goodwin & Will Watson), each act were given 5 minutes to perform one song of their choice and they didn’t disappoint.  Ranging from rock, classical, hip-hop and alternative genres, all 6 justified their selection for the finals, offering a range of quality auditions and giving the judges an extremely tough decision to only choose 2. 

After a thorough and in-depth discussion, the judges came to a final decision, with Jerusha Frimpong and San Agila (Jacob, Viktor, George, James and Ben) selected for a once in a lifetime opportunity…to perform in front of 2000+ screaming fans on Thursday night at the Trust’s annual charity concert. 

Both acts will be added to the running order of the night, getting to play 2 songs of their choice and as Dave Berry said, “you never know where this could take you.”

The remaining tickets for Thursday night are available here >>