Touch Tennis at Hawksmoor Youth Club

Thursday 21st May 2015

Hawksmoor Youth Club has begun delivering a fantastic new sport as part of their programme that runs on a Monday night.

Touch Tennis has been introduced and is an attractive alternative to the mainstream game. The key to Touch Tennis is not smashing the ball with raw power but rather with deft-stroke play and chess like manoeuvres. The game is played on a reduced size court with a sponge ball and smaller rackets.

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, male or female. The addictiveness comes from the enjoyment of repeatedly outwitting your opponent. 

Unit Manager Wayne Virgo said: “Young people have taken to Touch Tennis really enthusiastically! The beauty of the game is that it promotes long rallies which gives them confidence in their shot play”.

Alfie, transition member at Hawksmoor has enjoyed the experience, he said: “I love this game, it reminds me of a giant game of Table-Tennis but its a lot more fun making your opponent run around”.

Sessions are running at Hawksmoor Youth Club on Mondays between 4pm – 5pm and 8pm – 9pm.