Thursday 14th May 2015

In mid April, the streets of Woolwich and Plumstead were lit up with bright orange as the Vaisakhi Community Festival came to Greenwich.

Celebrating a very sacred and special festival for the Sikh community, millions of Sikhs around the world celebrate the festival every year, commemorating the birth of the Khalsa. It was formed by the 10th guru of Sikhs Guru, Gobind Singh Ji, in the times of Mughal rule, to protect the poor and helpless whilst creating a strength within the community.

On the day in Greenwich, the procession started from Masons Hill Sikh Guruwara just after 1.00pm and thousands of Sikhs took part, prior to the hundreds of young people who arrive to lend a helping in preparation of the festival.

The procession walked the streets of Woolwich and continued through Plumstead with food, drinks, sweets, crisps, tea and coffee being distributed throughout. Pardeep Kaur, a young person from Plumstead revelled in the experience, saying: “This is a real community sprit and this is a good way of making people aware of your cultural values and is such a peaceful and enjoyable experience for everyone”.

The Sikh religion praises Daan (selfless acts) highly and is a part of their core beliefs. For this, the young people took part in decorating both temples and then enjoying a Sikh Martial arts session as the procession came to an end in Woolwich.