GYFC girls night in

Monday 22nd December 2014

Greenwich Youth For Christ, have started a new series of girls events called “ Girls Night In” which will take place termly. The first was a about “Make up, Self Esteem and Me”

A group of 39 girls aged from 11-18 took part, across 2 sessions, in a practical and thought provoking seminar about their relationship towards makeup. The event was hosted by Lauren Crisp-Hihn GYFC Girls Worker and Hannah Martin, International Makeup Artist for Bobbi Brown.

During the session there were practical make up demonstrations and tutorials, a short talk from Hannah about what it takes to work in the world of makeup and encouraging the girls to think about the idea of being “Pretty Powerful”. The understanding that all women are created pretty, but how the addition of makeup can help you to feel powerful and feel like your best self.

“This was a great opportunity to bring girls from different youth groups together to get to know one another and look at something that affects them all”, said Jess, Youth Worker from St Margaret’s Lee.

“Hannah spoke really passionately and I’m sure the girls will go away feeling empowered and thinking about how they want to use makeup and what they want it to say about themselves in the future.”

One of the participants, 15 year old Juliette said: “Tonight really made me think about the idea of having a more creative career path. Hannah was really inspiring with how far she had gone in the world of makeup”.