Hawksmoor students celebrate Diwali festival

Sunday 2nd November 2014

Young People (10 -12yr olds) from HAWKSMOOR chose to celebrate the festival of Diwali by searching the internet for foods eaten at Diwali. They visited the local supermarket and chose snack foods to cook and prepare. 

Young people learnt more about culture, and why and how Diwali is celebrated amongst the Indian community. They were keen to taste and explore traditional foods eaten at Diwali.  They prepared and displayed different types of snack foods eaten at Diwali from savoury to sweet.

The taste was well recevied for all with one of the students Nikita saying, “lovely and yummy Indian sweet.”  

Sukhie at Hawksmoor “I was really impressed with the level of response and knowledge that young people gave about Diwali.  Overall they enjoyed the session, especially tasting the different variety of foods."

A great activity had by all and one that really went down a 'treat'.