Doriel Dance celebrates 65 years of dance at the Mick Jagger Centre

Monday 9th July 2018

“I have been dancing for around one year and I enjoy it - You could be a dancer when you’re older” - Sofia, 9 

Doriel School of Dance, a partner of Young Greenwich, is a family-run dance school which has been based at Shrewsbury House in Shooters Hill since 1986. 

On Sunday 1 July, over 50 dancers took the stage at the Mick Jagger Centre in Dartford, showcasing a range of incredible dance styles to their friends, families and general public.

Managing the show from rehearsals to production, Michelle from Doriel Dance said:

“We’re so proud of all the hard work the young people put in since last September, and for the extraordinary effort on the day of the show; we are blessed with so much talent in our youngsters. We were also very pleased to have Intercultural Youth Development Association (IYDA) dancers join us for our 65-year milestone and thank them for their contribution to it.  Thank you to everyone involved in making our 65th year celebratory show so successful and memorable.”


After months of rehearsing, the performers brought a variety of dance styles to light, expressing a variation of street, tap, ballet, freestyle, lyrical, and drama. 

A large number of young people aged 3-19 (and up to 25 with special educational needs and disabilities) took part in the show.

Excited about the show, 18-year-old dancer Lois, who has been dancing with Doriel for 10 months, said:

“Being at Doriel Dance really boosts your confidence, you perform better and it gives you a social group where you can make friends, which is really fun”

Some of the young dancers performed a Bollywood number where Maxhad a freestyle set and highlighted trending dance moves including the Shootdance and Flossing.

The Bollywood dance performance was choreographed by professional dancer Rasmi.

Also a partner of Young Greenwich, IYDA added to the fantastic show with their youth members performing an Iranian dance, highlighting the cultures from Iran.

Daniel, who manages IYDA, said:

“The event was a fantastic display of young talent. It was an honour to be able to contribute to Doriel’s 65-year celebration. Our young people really enjoyed being part of the show, and we hope to be able to work together again soon.”

Overall, the show was a great kick-start to the summer for young people across the Borough. Bringing the community together to celebrate youth participation and organisations who support young people.