Black History Month with Young Greenwich

Sunday 11th November 2018

As part of the youth service’s scheduled sessions each term, Young Greenwich also includes the celebration and remembrance of Black History Month (BHM). With a variety of activities and workshops, read more about what the young people got involved in throughout October.


Located in Eltham, Young Greenwich members from Avery Hill took on a wide-range of activities from discussions on BHM to discovering African and Caribbean culture from food to getting hands-on with their arts & craft. 

As part of the arts & craft sessions, young people used their creative talent to make their own jewellery and tie-dye t-shirts which were inspired by African prints. The young people also took part in discussions recognising the influence and evolution of African music on American culture as well as the influence on artists in the UK.

Members also took part in a quiz about famous black role models.


The Thamesmead based hub also had a mix of activities to celebrate Black History Month. 

Members from Hawksmoor Youth Hub also had a positive, insightful & lively discussion around Wandsworth Council re-branding Black History Month as ‘Diversity Month’. The young people also discussed how BHM was celebrated in their schools.

Hawksmoor members also took part in similar activities as the other hubs, including the influence of Black culture on the music industry in the UK, in particular new and emerging music genres. 


Over at Woolwich Common Youth Hub, various activities took place to celebrate BHM. Some of the most memorable activities included recognising iconic figures who have been influential in society as well as discovering unique Caribbean dishes with the opportunity to learn how to make them. 

Young people at Woolwich Common also took part in learning traditional African dance and how to play African drums, which helped to expand their knowledge of the origins and history through music & performing arts.

CACT is committed to promoting Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, and it is a very important area within the youth service. Young Greenwich is delighted to see so many young people continue to participate in BHM, and take part in a variety of activities and projects.