Best things to do at Thorpe Park’s Fright Night

Tuesday 31st October 2017

Young Greenwich is the name for youth services across the Royal Borough of Greenwich delivered by Charlton Athletic Communtiy Trust (CACT). Young Greenwich took members on an exciting a trip to Fright Night at Thorpe Park this half term. After their thrilling experience, the young people shared their favourite scary mazes and rides.

If you’re thinking of testing your scare-factor at Thorpe Park, here’s a list of scary things to do at Fright Night compiled by Young Greenwich members.


What’s a theme park without a little water? Tidal Wave is known for its super-soaking splash, drenching you after a drop from 85ft. Keeping up with the Halloween theme, Young Greenwich member Annie got a scare with the green water splashing everywhere. Water is not that scary, or is it…?


Known for its sharp twists and turns over 750 metres, Nemesis Inferno is a ride you don’t want to miss at Thorpe Park. Young Greenwich member Jessica made this her first adventure in the park and it was also her favourite; escaping the heat of the volcanoes then going into loops at 50mph, she said it was the best ride, especially going “upside down in the dark”.


Building up the tension slowly just before every drop you experience, Young Greenwich members Hollie and Sid gave this ride the thumbs up. Sat on the track with nothing but air above and below you, The Swarm is recommended on for people who are looking for a thrilling ride. Sid said: “Swarm gave me an adrenaline rush which lasted all day”.

Think you can handle something a little faster?


Another fast, stomach-turning, ride recommended by Young Greenwich members is Stealth. Noted as one of Europe’s fastest rollercoasters, Hawksmoor Youth Hub member Ebony said “it was one of my favourite rides because you never knew what was going to happen”. Stealth lets you experience the same brake horse power as two Formula 1 cars and reaches 205ft in under 2 seconds. Annie who is also from Hawksmoor Youth Hub said this ride was one of the best because it “took your breath away”.


Inspired by the film Saw, this Thorpe Park original is the world’s first horror film rollercoaster. The 100 degree “beyond vertical” drop from 100ft high will have you feeling like you are on the edge of your seat at over 80mph. Voted as one of the best rides of the day, Demi from Hawksmoor Youth Hub said “Saw was the best ride because of the thrill of going so fast!”

Fright Night had many scary activities, living up to its name. Young Greenwich members also mentioned Derren Brown’s Ghost Train, the clown faces in the Big Top Maze, 13th Floor Maze and not knowing when the zombies were coming around the corner. After a trip like this, they can't wait to see what's in store for them next year.

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