Alberto Completes Work Experience at CACT

Thursday 22nd March 2018

Passionate about football, Woolwich Poly student Alberto, has spent a week, undertaking his work experience with Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT) which was suggested by his Dad. Alberto was working with Youth Service Partnership Manager, Matt Horne to get an insight on how the working environment operates.

Focussing in the area of sports, Alberto talks about his work experience with CACT.

Why did you want to get involved with this particular work experience?

I have always liked sports, especially football. I’d hope to be a footballer one day and having the experience in a sports-related company to understand how it works really caught my eye.

How was your experience at Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT)?

It was fun and very interesting. In addition to working with my manager Matt, I had the opportunity to work independently on case studies, a match analysis and understand the ways of the working environment.

What was it like working with the management and other staff?

Everyone was nice. Matt was really good to work with, he was fun and professional at the same time which was a good balance.

How did you feel about your time at CACT?

It felt good. Working here has given me a different perspective, not only do I see football in a totally different way, I also understand how a company operates and what is expected of employees at an organisation.

Would you recommend other people to have their work experience with CACT?

I would definitely recommend others to have their work experience at CACT. It is fun, you get to work at Charlton F.C’s stadium, The Valley and you feel like you are an employee being part of the team.

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